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Welcome to Pro Impact Sports! We are leading distributors of a comprehensive range of quality sporting goods: Boxing, MMA, Fitness, Cricket and Rugby Gear with our own Trade Marked brand “PRO IMPACT”. Our Boxing Gear has been featured in some of the leading magazines in the world. Our mission is simple: to provide world-class sporting goods equipment and service to our customers at affordable prices with expedited shipping. We let you focus on your game while we take care of the rest! We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell.

The Founder

Atul Mahajan is the person, the name, and the face associated with Pro Impact Sports Inc. His journey that spreads across continents began in India. His passion for sports and his business acumen inspired him to start something of his own.

Successfully completing an MBA in Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain, Finance, and Marketing from Symbiosis in India, he moved to London briefly before the United States beckoned. After a series of Management Consulting projects for leading companies across the globe, Atul decided it was time to start Pro Impact. This project took shape and evolved in an apartment in San Francisco in 2010, where he personally stored, packed, and shipped products. He got his first office in 2013 in Miami, Florida. There was no stopping him then, and by 2016 he had an office in Fremont, California, and moved to New York for potential business opportunities.

He travels far and wide for work and pleasure, is an avid reader, golfer, tennis player, and speaks many languages and believes in the benefits of meditation.

Business and Pursuance

Pro Impact was funded solely by Atul and is now a multimillion-dollar company. All of this has been achieved in a very short span of time. The passion for sports made Atul want to do something different, something innovative, and so Pro Impact which started out with a few products in sports gear now has over 150 products, some bestselling on Amazon in their respective categories.

Over the years, hard work, perseverance, and the zest to excel has made Pro Impact one of the most sought-after brands in the sporting business. Pro Impact is now a leading Sporting Goods brand in North America with distributors in Europe and Asia.

The products of Boxing, Rugby, MMA, and Cricket gear rise above all expectations, be it quality or cost, and have the trademark brand “PRO IMPACT”.

Why Pro Impact?

Top quality at affordable prices makes PRO IMPACT a strong competitor in the sporting goods market. With a vision to create new products, growing and improving existing ones, and at the same time; making sure we provide 100% consumer satisfaction, gives consumers many solid reasons to choose us.

Our sights are set on

We want you to think Pro Impact – a sporting goods brand that defines quality, appeal, and pricing – whenever you think of sports goods. The sky is the limit! 300+ products in diverse categories by 2025 is where we are heading.

The Master Strokes